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    What services does H&A Mandate offer?

    At H&A Mandate, we provide a comprehensive range of logistics services, including international shipping (air and sea), house moving services, courier and parcel delivery in collaboration with DHL and UPS, warehousing and storage solutions, supply chain consulting, customs brokerage, and event logistics.

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    How do I request a quote?

    To request a quote, visit our "Request A Quote" page and fill in the required details. You must select the type of service you are interested in from a dropdown menu and provide specific details about your request. After submitting the form, our team will reply with a detailed quote.

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    How long does it take to get a quote?

    We aim to respond to all quote requests within 24 hours. However, the response time may vary depending on the complexity of the request and the volume of inquiries we are handling.

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    Do you provide both local and international logistics services?

    Yes, we do. In addition to our international shipping services from the UK to Nigeria, we have recently expanded to provide local logistics services within Niger.

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    What is your partnership with DHL and UPS about?

    Our partnership with DHL and UPS allows us to extend our courier and parcel delivery services to a global scale. We can handle your parcel delivery needs anywhere in the world with the reliability and efficiency of these well-established courier companies.

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    What is supply chain consulting?

    Supply chain consulting involves providing expert advice to optimize your supply chain processes. We offer these services to help businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and manage their supply chain more effectively.

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    What does customs brokerage entail?

    Customs brokerage involves assisting businesses in navigating the complex customs clearance process. We ensure that your goods meet all the regulatory requirements, helping to facilitate smooth and timely cross-border transactions.

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    Do you offer services for moving houses?

    Yes, we do. We provide professional, reliable, and comprehensive house-moving services within the UK, making your moving process as hassle-free as possible.

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    Do you have any partners in the logistics industry?

    Yes, we have numerous partners that help us deliver exceptional service. We have partnered with DHL and UPS for courier and parcel delivery services.

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    Who can I contact if I have more questions?

    For any additional questions or concerns, please visit our "Contact" page to see all the ways you can get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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